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Moment To Moment

Medium : Community- engaged project with video installation

Date : May 2013 - May 2014

Dimension : 8' x 7'x 8' ( L X D X H ) 
Material :goldfish, water, video and audio from projector and speaker, wood

Participating Communities:

(1)  Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT - Community for Artist in Residence

(2)  Flux Factory, Long Island, NY - Community for Artist in Residence

(3)  Cleveland Sight Center, Cleveland, OH - Community for the Blind and Visually Impaired

(4)  Judson Manor Senior Living, Cleveland, OH - Retirement Community

(5)  Rainey Institute, Cleveland, OH - Children's Community for Art Education

Project Description:

Through soaking one’s feet in a tub of clear water with many goldfish swimming around and nibbling, the participants were invited to speak their mind out loud at the moment. While resting their feet with goldfish kisses, the flow of their thoughts was recorded just as a spoken river. The participants serve the small goldfish with nutrition from the dead skin of their feet. Every nibble from a fish transmits the intimate sense of touch to the participants and propels their subconscious idea, as it emerges, to stream into their present time. Throughout this collective spiritual journey from one community to another, I had discovered that all the thoughts revealed via the project are more or less in response to one’s presence and identity in the context of a specific time and place. This project tends to further connect the members within their community by revealing its own sense of identity through people's participation.

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