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Family Portraits

The Stradiot Family 

Mark Stradiot, Tina Funk Stradiot, Mark Stradiot, Joey Stradiot, Mahima Stradiot,

Hui Ying Stradiot, Dinkeshe Stradiot, Sandhya Stradiot, Balcha Stradiot, Deme Stradiot.

Project Description:

   The meeting of the project practice was totally four times. During the first meeting, Meng and the members from Lerner College of Medicine interviewed the members of  the Stradiot Family. Through the interview, the information about all the family members and their ideas about their home were collected by letting family members talk about themselves and all the other family members. All the family members' perspectives were audio-recorded as the sound sources for this project.

   After the interview, each member of the Stradiot Family was assigned to sketch another family member's portrait. Then, each individual family's portrait sketch was gathered and traced onto the canvas . After that, all participants colored the painting of the family portraits together at Rainey Institute. The final painting of family portraits was installed in the house of the participating family by the community artist, Meng. The voices of all members from the  Stradiot  Family would be displayed through a speaker when the audience touches the black conductive paint used in the painting.

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