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The Journey In The Realm of The Unspeakable

Medium: Live Performance / Outdoor

Date: September 2011

Dimension: Dimension varies

Location: City of Mainz, Germany 

Materials : Aluminum tube, mirror- reflective plastic fabric, kinetic device

Performance Description: 

   In this performance, the petals’ constant movement between bloom and close implies the seasons of life. The change would bring a growing journey to both the audience and the flower, an extension of the artist 's body. This is also the outdoor version of a series of performance. The flower's walking route is to follow the fountain square in the city of Mainz in Germany. I walked with the petals' constant movement from one public fountain to another. The walking route ended up the shore of the River of Rhine. Through this outdoor performance, I tended to discover the culture of Mainz by following the water fountains which are always the site gathering people. 


   To travel is to grow. This series of performance with two different concepts of the walking route is intended to fulfill my passion of exploring the growth and change between the environment and myself from the alteration out of the repetition and cycle. Also, physically extending this idea through the viewer’s participation completes the artistic experience.

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