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The Journey in the Realm of the Unspeakable

Medium : Interactive Mechanic Installation

Date : October 2011

Dimension : 7.2’ x 5’ x 3.2’ ( L x D x H )   
Material : Lead sheets、wood、fabric、electronic  device        
( infrared sensor、12V DC motor、speakers)

Artwork Description:

     An interactive mechanic flower sculpture is arranged to the top of a table. The flowers constantly move between bloom and close. At the same time, the sound of ocean tides is repetitively played. When there is viewer coming and sitting on the chair, the sound and the motion from the sculpture will stop until the viewer leave.

    The flower’s constant movement implies the seasons of the nature and life. The change of the environment within time will bring a growing journey to the flower. The movement also function as a breathing organ of the space in relation to the viewer’s interaction and the sense of existence both from their mentally and physically appearance.    

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