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Seeding Echoes Along The Wind

Medium : Community- engaged project with video installation

Date : January- March, 2014

Dimension : Dimensions vary depending on the space

Participating Communities:

Casita Maria Center for Arts and Education, Bronx, NY

Project Description:

  This project took place in two phases. In the first part, participating parents were asked to choose a song that was taught to them by their parents or grandparents and share the melody and words with their child. Afterwards, the child taught a cockatiel (parrot) the same song, exemplifies the oral tradition of utilizing imitation and repetition to strengthen families and communities by “passing down the cultures.”

   For me, the transference of songs throughout generations and then back to nature creates a glimpse into “characteristic messages echoing across different generations of a specific culture in time.” Through this collective, creation process with Casita Maria’s families and youth, I look into the cultural identity of each individual family as well as the community as a whole. “Seeding Echoes Along the Wind,” offers a living metaphor for the fluid connections between individual cultural identities and a universal holistic humanity.

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