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Date : May- July 2018

Medium : Community-engaged project + sound interactive installation 

Materials: Mail boxes, Flip books, bare-conductive paint and sound chip

Art in Collaboration by The Following Members:

Participating Communities :

( 1 ) The senior members from the Adult Wellness Program of the University


      Ricky Hightower, Lori Smathers, Elizabeth Johnson, Jean Ezell,

       Richard Fiorentini, John Fuller.                                                              

( 2 ) Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University


Martin Kohn / Director of the Program of Medical Humanities, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine

Katherine Burke / Director of DHC Project

Students from Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine

( 3 ) Meng-Hsuan Wu / Community Artist of Devising Healthy Community  

Images & Video of The Project :

Project Description:

Art Activities Throughout the Community-Based Project:

(1) Bus Tour in the Slavic Village on June 7th ,2018:

Prior to the bus tour, the senior participants were asked to  select a site,

that they think gives them a sense of home, within Slavic Village. On

the tour day, participants were invited to get on a bus and go on a two-

hour tour within the neighborhood of Slavic Village. The bus started

from the University Settlement and stopped at different sites selected

by the participants. During the stop, the elder participants played the

role as the tour guides, who shared the information and their personal

experience(s) related to the site. The voices of all the senior participants’ talking and sharing during the tour were audio-recorded, and are included in the final art sculpture.

(2) Video Recording the Senior Participants on 6/11 & 6/12 :

On these two days, the activity done by each senior participant was video-recorded, showing things they like to do at their selected site(s). These videos were edited as looped animations and were applied to the flip books as part of the final sculpture.

(3) The Final Art Installation – 2018 Room To Let: CLE / Slavic


The final sculpture combines both video and audio materials, which were collected throughout the community activities. The looped videos of the senior participants’ activities at their selected site were integrated together into seven mechanical flip books, which were installed in the mailboxes. When the viewers open the mailbox, the voice of the elder participant introducing the site will be heard, and images of the site will be displayed.

Selected Sites and Location:

  • University Settlement / 4800 Broadway Ave, Cleveland, OH 44127

  • Cleveland Velodrome / 5033 Broadway Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44127

  • Red Chimney Restaurant / 6501 Fleet Ave, Cleveland, OH 44105

  • Seven Roses Polish Delicatessen / 6301 Fleet Ave, Cleveland, OH 44105

  • St. Stanislaus Church/ 3649 E 65th St, Cleveland, OH 44105

  • Miss Smathers’ family house located at the intersection of East 55th St. and Huss Ave.

  • Washington Park Golf Learning Center/ 3841 Washington Park Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44105

  • Mill Creek Falls / Mill Creek Trail, Cleveland, OH 44105

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