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Home_In the Loop

Installation in Rooms-To-Let/2018 

Project Description:

The final sculpture combines both video and audio materials, which were collected throughout the community activities. The looped videos of the senior participants’ activities at their selected site were integrated together into seven mechanical flip books, which were installed in the mailboxes. When the viewers open the mailbox, the voices of the elder participant introducing the site are heard, and images of the site are displayed.

Project Concept:

Homeland is a person’s original place that supports one’s livelihood. It’s a place in which one can find security and nourishment through one’s familiar daily round. The home place is full of ordinary people, incidents, objects and landmarks, which we know them through daily connections and experiences. Some of the experiences even become our daily routine and are almost a part of ourselves. In this sense, home can be an intimate place where every day is multiplied by all the days before it.

In the title of this project, the idea of loop implies the daily repetition in the context of homeland. This idea is also revealed as looped-images and loop-motion shown in the mechanical flip book. “In the loop,” as a concept also conveys that having the particular knowledge or connection that belongs to a specific group of people (a community). In this project, Slavic Village is the focal site as a home place. The senior members from the Adult Wellness Program of the University Settlement play the role of the main community, the loop, in which the participants exchange their individual experiences in their shared home/neighborhood.

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