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Looking For Mr. Greensboro

Medium : Performance 

Date : June  2008
Location : Greensboro,North Carolina,U.S.A.

Performance Description:

    This is a 7-day performance with a white dress, a pair of black double-sided shoes, and a cardboard backpack in the shape of a home. In the window of this backpack is a video screen that shows the actual environment surrounding me. This performance happened in June 2008 in Greensboro, NC. Greensboro is a brand new place to me at the time when I arrived.  I stayed there for one month doing an artist residency at Elsewhere Artist Collaborative.I walked with a local old man for seven days. This old man is Lane Greene, whom I met there and I thought is a representative of Greensboro. We walked together an hour a day during these seven days.


    As I walk, I  encountered lots of new people and gained new experiences from all the new environments. The sense of place does indeed emerge from the senses. Although my history of all the places in my traveling is short, these places still felt as an extension of my walking body. While passing through the places, Mr. Green and I became part of the city landscape.

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