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On The Move

Medium : Performance 

Date : July  2008

Location :  The whole road-trip performance is from the South-East coast to South-West coast in the U.S.A.

Materials : Cardboard, wood, portable DVD player, spy  camera, black leather boots 


Performance Description:

   This is a road-trip performance with a white dress, a pair of black double-sided shoes, and a cardboard backpack with house shape. An LED screen hidden in the window shows the live video from the actual surroundings. The viewers can see themselves through the screen. I randomly chose the time and place during my trip from the South-East coast to the South-West coast of U.S.A.. I only spoke to people who asked me what and why I am doing. The conversation was focused on the idea of “home.”


   As I walk, I encountered new people with new experiences. While passing through places, I became part of the landscape. I realized people’s eagerness for home is actually a hunger for one's sense of existence. The search for one’s home place is the search for some place to hang on to. It is an extension of one’s soul and spirit, which is always the fitting place of a person's origin and return.

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