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Being Here

Medium : Live - Performative Installation

Date : 2008

Location : State University of New York at New Paltz, NY, U.S.A.

Materials : Two way mirror, light from projector, wood

Performance Description: 

   This performance is the exploration about the existence between other people and myself during the specific moment of viewing.

   I stand in the dark space in the back of the two way mirror. An image of a constantly walking human figure from small to large is projected on the mirror.This image is my walking silhouette. Instead of a normal silhouette as the shadow, the silhouette here is seen as light source.The enlarging walking image implies the distance between the viewer and me.The more the light passes through the mirror from the viewer side to my side, the clearer the viewer can physically see my face. In the process of the light changing, there is a great moment when the image is exchanged between the viewer' face, their eyes, and my own. This exchange extends my mind to other people’s mental space and vice versa. In this moment, I am present.

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