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The Journey In The Realm of The Unspeakable

Medium : Live  Performance/ Indoor

Date: September  2011

Dimension : 24’x12’x8’ (LXDXH)

Location : Walpodenakademie Art Gallery,Mainz,Germany

Material : Aluminum tube, mirror- reflective plastic fabric, kinetic device, light

Performance Description: 

   In this performance, the petals’ constant movement between bloom and close implies the seasons of life. The change will bring a growing journey to both the audience and the flower, an extension of the artist 's body.

   Unlike the normal motionless flower, a walking route of following the lights installed in the gallery space was created in this piece. During the performance, I walked as a cycle from light to light and only stops while encountering the viewer. While pausing, I faces the viewer with eye contact and stops action until they leave.The audience's stay creates the symbolic light from humans for the flower. To trace the light is to trace time and nutrients metaphorically. Through this piece, I tend to explore the condition in between the eager of stopping time and the keen to continue moving.

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