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Medium : Interactive-video installation

Date : 2008

Dimension : 12’x4’x8’ ( L x D x H ) 
Material : Two flat computer monitors, video camera, computer tower.

Artwork Description:

   “Floating” is a piece enhances other viewers’ presence and their relationship with time. In this piece, there’s two photo frames hung on the wall. The image in both frames show the same place where they are physically installed. When there are viewers getting close to the frames, they will see themselves in the picture and their reactions are also shown in the image. The viewers will recognize that their actions are delayed-actions when they move. Another constant moving image shown in the frames is from the video projected to the corner of the same space. This continuous image is a pair of black double-sides shoes walking back and forth in the corner of the same space.


   The main difference shown in these two frames is the length of the delayed time of the viewer’s action. The viewers see themselves appearing at the different moment in the same environment in two pictures. By being and thinking in different positions in time, I expect the viewers will be aware of the transience of passing time not only by their presence in the locale but also by their momentary absence in the picture recorded at the locale.

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