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Medium :  Community engagement project with video installation

Date : April 2013

Dimension : 300  x 200  x 280 (cm)  L x D x H 
Location : Treasure Hill  Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan

Artists in Collaboration:

Chueh-Ling Tsai, Meng-Hsuan Wu,Shi-Cong Lin

Project Description:

    Windows are the core of this piece. They are like the eyes of a house. The scenery behind the window shows where you are. Windows affects one's sense of existence mentally and play a role as a passage that connects people and the environment.


   In this piece, the projected video shows the images of window scenery viewed outwardly from the residents' house in Treasure Hill Village. The audience can also find the projected contours from themselves merged with the window scenery. It is a symbolic way to invite visitors into the local residents' home where they cannot usually enter. Instead of peeking, this direction of viewing is a means to provide visitors different points of view shared by the local. Through physical participation, the viewers are part of it and become the extension of the passage behind the window.

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