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Cycles Of Rainbows

Medium : Site-specific interactive installation

Date : April 2013

Dimension : 16.4'x 9.8'x 6.6' ( L x D x H )
Location : Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan
Material : Bicycle, wood, led lights, DC motor, PVC pipes, plexi glass, speed reducer electronic device 

Artists in Collaboration:

Chueh-Ling Tsai, Meng-Hsuan Wu,Ching-Yu Yang, Shi-Cong Lin

Artwork Description:

     People are the main factor shaping culture. It is also people's gather and scatter that create rainbow memory and color the pictures of Treasure Hill Village.

   In this project, all moving images are inspired by the life stories and landscape features from the local. All images and their shadows surrounding the bicycle are like landscapes that contained the idea in between “reality and unreality”, “life and death”, “gather and scatter", “repetition and circulation”.

     The spinning motion from stepping the pedals is a circular orbit, a universal symbol for time. This circular course leads the icon of time to merge together with the moving course in space. The circular pathway also implies a journey within time, the exploration through a rainbow.

     Like storyboards, the diverse landscapes from the installation are independent and at the same time connected to each other. Visitors may freely deduce their own stories by viewing these landscapes in different sequence while biking. The audience may create their own memory about Treasure Hill Village through physical participating rather than see this art piece. 

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