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Date : Jan. 2017

Medium :Site-specific, interactive video installation

Dimension : 32'x6' (LXH)
Site: Four window spaces of SPACES' building 

2900, Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, OH 

Project Description:

This installation is designed to be seen from both indoor space and outdoor street (Detroit Avenue). The image shown on the windows contains two layers of videos merged together. The first layer of the projected video shows the 24-hour time lapse street scenery outwardly viewed through the windows from the inner space of SPACES' building. The second layer of the projected video is lively transmitted from a camera installed in the interior space. This camera captures the image of the audience' live interaction within the space in front of the windows. When viewers get close to the windows, they see the images of themselves in the visual effected form of silhouette on the window.


Through merging the two layers of videos, this piece provides the moment for viewers in the interior space of SPACES' building to visually encounter SPACES' exterior space. By seeing so, I expect the viewers to realize they are building connection to SPACES' neighborhood via their spatial intervention through SPACES' building. It is also their presence that completes this piece.

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