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Beats And Beats

Medium : Community-engaged project with documentary film

Date : November 2014 - March 2015

Dimension : Dimensions vary depending on the space

Participating Communities:

Devising Healthy Communities ( DHC )

( 1 ) Rainey Institute 

( 2 ) Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case  Western Reserve University

Project Description:

  The participants from two communities used stethoscope to listen to the sound of each other's heartbeat and transformed the heart rhythm into both solo and group drum sessions. Except for Congas used as the main instrument, many other percussion instruments were used in this project. From the tempo of heartbeats to the rhythm of drumbeats, two communities were brought together from the heart connection to their creative play.


   The process of this artistic activity was video and audio recorded for a documentary film.

One-on-one Solo Drum Sessions 

Group Drum Sessions

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